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          • 3 ביולי 2017

            מייל שמודיע על חוסר יכולת של שגרירות פורטוגל להשלים את התהליך

            סיימתי להגיש את כל המסמכים לשגרירות פורטוגל ולפני כמה ימים הגיע המייל ..הנה חלק ממנו שמתאר את הבעיה:

            The final step of the application is paying the application fee and delivering the process to the Conservatoria dos Registros Centrais, in Lisbon (Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 200).
            The payment, at this moment, for several reasons, can only be done through a method called “Vale-Postal”, on which the person goes to any post- office IN PORTUGAL and basically sends the money to the Conservatoria. The problem is that this payment needs to be revalidated every 30 days until the process is received by the Accountability Department in the Conservatoria. If they open it and the payment has expired, they immediately send it back to Tel Aviv. Since we cannot know how long it will take until they open the file, and being aware that they are receiving more and more processes from all over the world so it will probably take a couple of months, I am suggesting people this:

            Option 1
            1º Pick up the process from the Embassy (already with the stamps, translations, etc).
            2º Fly to Portugal
            3º Issue the payment or Renew the fee (this can only be done being there) – instructions bellow.
            4ºAttach the “kabala” of your payment to the process
            5º Deliver the process personally at the Conservatoria dos Registros Centrais address bellow.

            Option 2
            Send your documents by post to a lawyer who can represent you in Portugal, who can take care of the PAYMENT OF THE FEE and PERSONALLY DELIVER YOUR FILE AT THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE

            Option 3
            Hire a service taking care of this matt

            3 ביולי 2017
          • מנהל הפורום אדם ידיד 12 ביולי 2017

            ליאור שלום,

            אכן, אתה נדרש לפעול באחת הדרכים כפי שהקונסוליה הנחתה אותך במכתב זה.


            12 ביולי 2017
          forum moderator שלום, מה השאלה המשפטית שלך?
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