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          • 29 במרץ 2018

            Study Permits and Working

            I was accepted to the University of Toronto in Canada. After applying would I get a study permit before mid-August before classes begin? Could I work

            29 במרץ 2018
          • מנהל הפורום Alex Brosh 29 במרץ 2018

            Study Permits and Working

            Greetings Rebecca,

            Normally it takes about two weeks to process study permit applications for Canada from Israel. You have plenty of time to apply and get a response.

            Regarding work, as long as you are a full time student with a Canadian study permit you can work on-campus while you are studying. You must, however, apply for a social insurance number in order to be able to work in Canada. If your study program is longer than 6 months, you can even work off-campus.

            All the best,
            Alex Brosh

            29 במרץ 2018
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