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  • Hadar

    נשלח ע"יHadar 09:16, 13 במאי 2014

    Hi , Please can you let me know what I can do. A month ago I moved to Beit Arye a place with a garden. Before moving in, I was cleaning and noticed there are many ticks in and outside the house. I fumigated but the problem in the garden continued. There seems to be a nest - I have since then fumigated 4 times and tomorrow , doing another one but this time with "fuel", as the situation is bad. The previous owners had cats and dogs and didn't look after them as they should have and as they moved just down the street the dogs and cats keep coming back and as much as we (all the neighbors) , have spoken to them, they don;t care !The landlord is saying it's my problem , yet I have expressed what a nightmare it is. I am paying for a garden , yet can't use it as ticks crawl on me and friends every time we try and sit in the garden. 1.) Can I sue the previous neighbors as they won't take responsibility? 2.) Who is responsible for paying the fumigator, isn't it the landlord? 3.) What can be done in a situation like this and whom

  • 17:37, 13 במאי 2014

    1. הדייר הקודם איננו אחראי לעניות דעתי.
    2. בכפוף למוסכם בחוזה החדש ביניכם - יש לדבר עם בעל הבית החדש שישתתף בעלות.

  • 12:15, 14 במאי 2014

    Thank you very much for your advice -- highly appreciated - have a lovely week

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