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          • 26 באוקטובר 2013

            רוצה להגר

            שלום אני רוצה לעבור לארה"ב אני נשוי+2 כיצד אני יכול לעשות זאת בצורה חוקית

            26 באוקטובר 2013
          • 27 באוקטובר 2013

            רוצה להגר

            Hi Idan,

            Please note that in order to obtain a Green Card or work visa you must have a legal pathway which you can utilize. For example, almost all visa or Green Card applications usually require that you have at least one of the following:

            • Job offer from a US Employer

            • Spouse or immediate family member who is a US Citizen or Green Card holder

            • Selected as a Diversity Lottery Winner

            • Significant Investment in the United States

            If you believe you may qualify through one of these pathways, please provide me with the details of your situation so that we may review your potential eligibility the relevant pathway(s). Once we reach a conclusion regarding your eligibility we will then hold a 30 or 60 minute consultation to discuss our conclusions and propose suggestions and strategies to obtain the relevant visa(s).

            Thank you very much for your cooperation.


            27 באוקטובר 2013
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