Renewing a US passport and tax reports - פורום ויזה לארה"ב ואזרחות אמריקאית

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  • Yoni

    נשלח ע"יYoni 23:05, 8 בינואר 2014

    Hi, I have a US passport up for renewal, however I never handled the issue of tax reporting to the US (I have also never worked in the US) Are the two connected? Would I need to handle any tax issues before (or as a condition to) renewing my passport? Thank you

  • 14:22, 9 בינואר 2014

    Hi Yoni,

    Firstly, it is important to note that I am not qualified to give tax advice; only immigration. With that said, it is my understanding that you will be able to obtain a new passport even if you did not submit your US tax returns on time. HOWEVER, it is very possible that your passport renewal application will eventually be sent to the IRS, which could then cause the IRS to come after you to pay your unpaid US taxes.

    I hope this helps.


  • 16:51, 9 בינואר 2014

    Thank you for your response

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