• 31 במרץ 2014

    מעצר ישן

    now I fulfill the request for visa (business trip)
    before ~10 year ago I was arrested for few days in demonstration. I released without any charges.
    .So do i need to answer on the question " did You have arrested in the past" in 'yes'? Can it cause to refusal?
    Thanks a lot

    31 במרץ 2014
  • 1 באפריל 2014

    מעצר ישן

    Criminal questions are a bit complicated and I always recomed doing a consultation. However, to give you the short answer - yes, since you were arrested, that is what you should answer on the applicaiton. This can cause a refusal, but from what you said, there may be an exception if you can show that you were arrested for "political" reasons. Even if you are refused, you may be able to apply for what is called a waiver.

    1 באפריל 2014
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